Why subscribe to Tyamko?

  • The purpose of Tyamko is to provide you with information, opportunities and resources for NGOs and Development Professionals directly on their WhatsApp/ Viber. That means the latest news at your fingertips literally.
  • Here are the reasons why you should subscribe to Tyamko:
    • Never miss a call for Proposal or any other funding opportunities
    • Get relevant information (by choosing any of our 5 channels) that you need and act on
    • Don’t get your email bogged down by subscribing to 100 different email newsletters, when you can get specific information in your mobile
    • Don’t worry yourself sorting out plethora of resources available in the internet. With Tyamko, you can get right-kind of curated resources
    • You get targeted information that is just right for you delivered right in your WhatsApp/ Viber
    • You don’t receive unwanted messages from us. You only receive that you need and take step on
    • Just for Re.1 a day, now you have the entire world of information regarding the NGO sector delivered right in your mobile phone

Subscription fee/charge: Annual subscription of Rs.365/-


How to Subscribe

To subscribe to Tyamko Viber/ WhatsApp Alert service, fill your name, phone number and e-mail id in the form below and making your payment.

  • Step 1: Click on ‘Subscribe’ button below.
  • Step 2: Fill your personal details, including your mobile number in the form. 
  • Step 3: Deposit your subscription fee Rs.365/- to the given bank account.  
  • Step 4: Save Tyamko contact number +977 961-9485122 in your mobile phone.
  • Step 5: Send us a message via Viber/ WhatsApp saying START. On confirmation of payment you will be subscribed to Tyamko Viber Broadcast list

Congrats! You are now registered on our Annual Subscribers List. Please wait for the next 36 hours to confirm your payment and start receiving our Tyamko Viber/ WhatsApp Alert!



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